Fundraise for a cause or charity.
Crowdfund your idea.
Together Greece

See what's possible when a community helps together.

Help people in need
Provide direct support to an individual, family or community by paying medical expenses or offering financial aid.
Take action in an emergency
Raise funds in response to a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis. Make a difference in minutes.
Donate for a charity, a refugee camp or animal rescue shelter
Choose from hundreds of official organisations and people who give their lives for helping people in need and animals in Greece.
Celebrate an occasion
Whether it is a birthday, wedding or final exam, mark this special event by asking friends for donations rather than gifts.


Together for

Help People In Need. Children, Greeks and Refugees need your help

Donate for emergencies

Help children, people in poverty or with health issues, help for refugees needs.

Together for
Animals & Nature

Help Rescue Shelters & Environmental Emergencies

Donate for

rescue shelters. Help those who give their life in rescuing animals, wildlife & nature

Together for
Arts & Culture

Ancient, traditional & modern arts and culutural projects

Donate for

Greek Culture & Artists. Monuments, Traditional Villages, Filmmakers & Musicians

Together for

Bring brilliant ideas to life, donate for the future you wish and live it

Make the best ideas reality

Help brilliant people to create and produce the future