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A project from volunteers to help ,save, foster stray cats from Thessaloniki Greece

Help AristoPets Rescued Stray Cats from Greece

by Aristotelis Karkamanis

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Thessaloniki, Greece

Aristotelis Karkamanis

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AristoPets Rescued Cats is a project that helps stray cats from greece and most of the times from Thessaloniki City
The decision to start this project came when the life of this cats was in danger after the decision of an NGO and the threats to  throw them back to the streets

Greece has no programs to help stray animals , no shelters , no government help , and the only people that help stray animals are volunteering to do so . They pay everything from their own pockets and most of the times , as it happens with this project , they foster the animals from the start to the day they get adopted at their house .
Greece doesn’t even have TNR program to help this volunteer
Especially with this difficult times with Covid-19 stray animals are left to die
The team of AristoPets Rescued Cats can not let this happen , we are dedicated not only to keep on helping the alredy foster cats that we have , but to help as many as we can
Our dream is a world without stray animals , but we know this is too hard , so at least we try to help as many as we can
The project manager is Aristotelis Karkamanis , that is fostering 14 of our stray cats at his home
You can contact him at